Why Are You Running from God?


Your probably thinking right now by looking at the title of this blog, she’s crazy?, she’s not going to get anywhere with this, and so on. Personally, I believe that I don’t need to please everyone, God is in my heart everyday, he is the reason I wake up, the reason I breathe, the reason I live and jump for joy. Today, in this particular day and age, most or majority of the people run or have ran away from God. Some of those reasons maybe caused by, pressures, people (such as believers), or not growing up being exposed to God. I’m not here to say that I’m bashing non-believers or non-church going people, I’m just curious on ‘Why are you running’. ¬†God is becoming very less important. We, even the believers, all fall short. We’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, we all lack on not following God’s teachings, practice what we preach or even read His word on a daily basis. Sometimes, or most the time we have the excuses of like, “I’m too tired, I’m just not wanting to today, or God isn’t there for me when I need him.” ; but He is there, even when you don’t feel like He is. Its okay if you are still questioning God, it’s okay, not all believers are the stereotypical Christian. I have friends that are non-believers and I don’t pass judgement on them because God didn’t pass judgement on me when I was a non-believer (Read Matthew Chapter 7). We are so lost in today’s society of being the perfect person; but in all reality we are not perfect and broken. My personal opinion here, its your choice to follow God is up to you, but personally I chose to follow Jesus Christ because His way is the ultimate plan for me. Either way, if you go your way, you won’t get too far but with God you’ll get a little farther. God is the ultimate higher power and the creator of the universe, don’t give up on Him, even if you are running out of fear. God is always there, day or night, 24/7, and everywhere. So ask yourself, “Why am I running away from God?” or if you are in personal relationship with him (like myself), are you not letting Him take control of your life. That’s for another day.